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Rocketship Education Charter Schools Helps their Student’s Families to Overcome Disasters

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Many students that attend school will encounter some type of family disaster. This is especially true for students who live in parts of the country where natural disasters frequently occur. In the state of California, a flood happened within the city of San Jose. Many families lost their home because of the flooding conditions which hit this area. One family in the area had a student enrolled at Rocketship Education Charter School. His name is Cesar.

When Cesar’s home was destroyed he knew that going to school would not be a priority. The staff at Rocketship found out about this situation and knew they had to step in to change things. The school realized that Cesar and the other students impacted by the flood would have a hard time concentrating on their studies. So, they had to do something to improve this situation.

First, Rocketship Education used its connections with local charities to help get Cesar’s family resettled into another home. This home was a temporary residence until the family could recover form this incident. They also provided the family with resources such as food and clothing. They reached out to the family with extra personal support and reduced the stress that a child would normally experience under these conditions.

Cesar was able to remain in school through this ordeal. His parents were truly grateful for the assistance they received. They could not believe that a school would step up and help them to overcome their problems. Many public schools cannot take this type of action simply because they do not have the funds set aside for this type of situation.

However, Rocketship Education makes it a point to have these types of connections in place so that they can immediately help their students if there is a need. Cesar and his parents are grateful for Rocketship Education and all that this school has to offer.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006. The school was created to serve inner city children by giving them the opportunity to receive a better education. This charter school establishment is set up in different locations all over the country.