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What Do Edward Elric and Goku Have in Common?

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Edward Elric is a character from the futuristic anime series titled Fullmental Alchemist. Edward Elric regrettably lost his right arm and left leg from a surgery that did not go so well. Happy he did not lose his life, Edward decided to study alchemy and take a stand against alchemist performing works without proper knowledge. Incredibly, Edward was able to get a degree in alchemy by age 12.


Edward Elric now has a new mission on his hands, and that is to locate the surviving philosopher’s stone. Edward plans to use all the knowledge he acquired in his studies to find the stone. He does not care what or who he must go through to get the stone. Subconsciously, finding the stone will also make him feel better about himself and his accident.


Goku is the star character in the anime comedy series titled Dragon Ball. Initially, Goku was sent to earth by sky people to destroy it. Things did not go as planned as Goku suffered a horrific accident and damaged his brain. Where he came from and who he is was wiped out of his memory. Worst of all, he now believes he was put on earth to teach people how to be good and loving.


Additionally, Goku believes it is his responsibility to protect the earth from any and all danger. The real problem will arise when Goku’s family decides to visit the earth to destroy it. Will he recognize who they are? Moreover, will he have a problem with attacking them?