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Goettl Air Conditioning Gets a Boost in Image and Morale

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In 2013, veteran to the air-conditioning and HVAC industry Ken Goodrich, purchased Goettl Air Conditioning. The company had been run from Phoenix since 1939, but had run into so trouble. It was founded by Gust and Adam Goettl, but changed ownership several times in recent years. At the time of its purchase, Goettl had no profits, weak financial condition and the employees suffered from low morale.

Goettl had been involved with some legal issues that had left its image a bit mangled. Goodrich says he had never experienced this type of problem with a business before, although he had purchased and turned around 15 different companies by the time he stated dealing with Goettl.

Ken began the rebuilding process by focusing the company on customer needs and how the employees could help fulfill those needs. Regular conversations were held about how employees were treated and the impact the treatment had on them. The company became involved with charitable events in the community to show their compassion. The focus turned completely to their impact on the community and their customers.

When the focus of the company changed, the building started and one customer at a time, the company re-vamped its earlier image as a reliable air-conditioning company. The company has grown by 500 percent since Goodrich purchased it. The company currently generates more than $50 million in revenue annually.

Competition in the industry is stiff so focusing in making happy customers is a must to survive in the business. Goodrich believes the future of the industry is huge and he plans to lead it with high quality service and products.

When Ken Goodrich was 10 years old, he worked alongside his father, repairing and providing maintenance for air conditioners. The first air conditioner he helped his father with was a Goettl. The impression made a mark on him. His father specialized in Goettl air-conditioners. After his father passed away, when Ken was 25, Goettl was the only company that would extend credit to the rookie business owner. He did not forget them. He says he is very proud to now own the company that he credits with supporting his father in business, and helped many people live in desert weather over the years.