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An Innovative Way to Utilize Therapy through Talkspace

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Are you uncomfortable in a therapist’s office? Afraid people are judging you for being there? Still want the comfort and help from talking to a therapist? Why not give Talkspace a try? Connect with your favorite therapist from your living room sofa or your bed. Talkspace allows a variety of ways to connect ranging from skype to phone calls or even texting.

More than 1,000 professionals offer therapy through Talkspace with around 500,000 people already using this innovative app. Magellan Health has recently signed a deal to start offering Talkspace access as an on-demand psychotherapy. What does that mean? It means employers who utilize Magellan Health to run their health care provisions will soon offer Talkspace as part of their healthcare packages.

Talkspace is a great app for people who live busy lives to take advantage of remote therapy. The advantage of being able to reach your therapist when you have a problem can make a difference in the outcome of the situation. A busy mom can take advantage of therapy without paying a babysitter. A work oriented person can take advantage of therapy during the commute without the need to take time off for therapy. Talkspace allows quick and easy access to therapy for virtually anyone.

Talkspace is also a great opportunity for therapists who want a non-traditional way to offer therapy. The ability to work from home without the stress of being self employed. Employees brag about the wonderful work environment, the flexibility of scheduling clients, and the prompt support team. Talkspace is positive experience for both the therapists and the clients.