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William Saito: The Fulfillment Of Staying Busy

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When you’re searching for a way to define excellence, feel free to rest on the life of William Saito. Born in 1971, he was raised in the USA to parents who’d immigrated to California two years prior. Both professionals, they raised William in a bilingual environment. No doubt, they had a plan in mind for his future. He would not disappoint. At ten years of age, he started developing computer programs, having received coaching from his Mom to focus on math. While in Junior High, his father arranged for him to help some colleagues in the Information Technology field. Yes, you read that right, and he did not disappoint.

Before completing High School, William Saito conceived, designed, marketed, managed, collaborated and established his own computer software business. It would later sell to MicroSoft for an undisclosed amount but suffice to say that he is likely still earning royalty payments because his product remains relevant. It’s that good.

In 2005, he relocated to Tokyo, Japan and founded his own venture capital firm, InTecur. He operates essentially through this firm developing computer software technology, advising other companies and entities experiencing digital problems, and mentoring new entrepreneurs in the field. He is a leading authority regarding encryption, biometric authentication, and cyber security. Some of the recognition he’s received includes 1998 Entrepreneur Of The Year, so declared in triplicate by USA Today, Ernst & Young, and NASDAQ. He also currently functions as Vice Chair of Palo Alto Networks, a cyber security firm that develops firewall products that employ an app centric approach to online traffic classification and enabling app visibility. William is active in so much more but the most telling role is his function as cyber space consultant reporting directly to the Prime Minister of Japan. This is a duty that he has held since 2012. He does not disappoint.

True to his entrepreneurial nature, William Saito is not shy about sharing keys to success. Here’s a summation in 10 bytes. 1/ Understand your aims and business objectives, then acknowledge the good, the bad and the ugly, as the case may be, as they may seem from an investor’s perspective. 2/ Always be expanding; always be improving. 3/ Do not fall prey to the ease of business starts in today’s environment, verify that your idea is on target and sustainable. 4/ Learn from others who have already tread where you’re thinking of traveling. Sure, it’s your idea. It’s your baby, but, honestly, everyman’s progeny looks exceptional to the parent. 5/ Once you’ve verified the demand for your product or service, your next top priority ought to be marketing, marketing, marketing and then some more marketing. All of this advertising does not have to cost hard money. Be creative. 6/ Once you recognize and get to know those who are positive and profitably responding to your marketing tactics, focus on that niche. 7/ At this stage, your natural, organic connections will help your business grow exponentially, and your hard money marketing budget will decrease even more. 8/ Reassess your establishment ensuring that you have inculcated your values prominently throughout your Company’s culture. 9/ Actively seek out people whose very being and career accomplishments will diversify your Company’s culture. 10/ Remember and apply this truth as quoted by William Saito: “The eventual breakthrough doesn’t happen in spite of previous failures, it happens because of them.”

Here’s an even shorter version of William’s keys: 1/ Manufacture It, 2/ Market It, 3/ Niche It, 4/ Expand It, 5/ Grasp It, 6/ Improve It, 7/ Reinvest In It, and 8/ Love It! To learn more about the life and career of William Saito, you can visit Everipedia, and read his publications such as 1/ “The Team: Solving The Biggest Problem In Japan,” 2017, Nikkei BP.