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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Legacy at Bradesco Bank

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     Bradesco Bank has been in existent for over six decades. The company offers distinct financial services in Brazil and has been able to attract thousands of clients. Although it enjoyed leadership success in the private sector, things changed in 2009 after there was a merger between its two close rivals; Unibanco and Banco Itau. The merger, formally known as ItauUnibanco, surpassed Bradesco and became the top ranking bank. Then, the former bank president decided to retire, leaving Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the successor. Since then, Bradesco has been doing well, making significant progress in all its services and departments.

His success as Bradesco’s leader

After he was named the new president of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi developed a plan that would help him raise the company’s revenue and total assets. His focus was on creating programs that would enable him to attract many investors and generate even more assets. After sharing ideas with his colleagues, he came up with the idea of making an acquisition. He then led Bradesco to purchase HSBC at a cost of $5.2 billion which would allow the company to increase its investment options. In 2015, he proceeded with the plan and the value of the company increased tremendously with more investors yearning to join Bradesco.

For sure, the growth of the company and its position back to the top is owed to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Even when he was still a clerk at the company, the Board of Directors had observed him as a loyal employee who could sacrifice a lot to ensure the company progresses.


Will Octavio Lazari Jr. maintain the legacy that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi left? This is a question that lingers in the minds of many, but time will tell. Luiz had started working at the company at a very tender age and has since then remained to prove his leadership and professional abilities. He rose to several positions, but it was not on a silver plate; he dedicated his time and remained committed to ensure that Bradesco became one of the most trusted investment banks.

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Guilherme Paulus and His Involvement in Spurring On The Business Growth of Brazil’s Hospitality Industry

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     The beauty of starting a business is always in the way it is able to levitate the lives of others, improve the wellbeing of job seekers and generate prosperity in communities or the country itself. It is always the passion of the risk-takers and business leaders that such wealth generation is made possible in the world. One of these risk-takers in Brazil is Guilherme Paulus, the man behind Latin America’s largest tour operator, CVC and The GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Being the tour operator of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is a great achievement in itself, but doing this at age 24 in 1972 makes the feat even more remarkable. Which is why reading the article from Istoe Dinheiro about Guilherme Paulus’ new recognition as The Entrepreneur of The Year in 2017 is hardly surprising. In the feature, it is revealed that under Guilherme Paulus’ leadership, there’s at least 20 units of his hotel enterprise that are scattered all over Brazil. This means more jobs are being generated, and more families are given the livelihood that they need for them to experience the fantastic life that they deserve.

Guilherme Paulus is already 68 years old today, and yet his passion for the hospitality business is still not stopping. He is even known to be the man who is investing about R$ 600 million in the hospitality industry in Brazil. This is because Paulus believes that there’s so much potential in the art of hospitality that can help Brazilians reach their dreams. The report also featured some of the new initiatives and strategies that Paulus employs in his hotel enterprise to gather more following. His network of hotels can be divided into five-star hotels, then three stars and the premium line. This diverse way of dividing the hotels means that his business can attract different target markets.

At the Revista Hoteis is also another highlight in the career of Paulus. Paulus has been invited to be a motivational and opening event speaker at the Top Seller Event, 5th Edition. This event is one of the most fantastic, sought-after and attended events in Brazil that was held at the prestigious Mabu Thermas Grand Resort. He captured a lot of listeners with the stories that he shared about how he succeeded in starting CVC and his other insight about entrepreneurship. With the current success that Paulus already has, he was the best to speak for such event.

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The Career of Jeff Herman and his Contribution to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse Offenders

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Jeff Herman’s first option in career was not to become a representative of people who have been abused sexually. Initially, he studied commercial law and he was very good at what he did. However, one day while he was going through his normal duties in the field, he was asked to visit a client that needed help with a case. Therefore, during the visit, Jeff Herman realized that there was a woman whose son had just been molested. Of course, the lady in question was frantic and agitated. Perhaps she even seemed depressed. When asked what was going on, she poured out her heart. That is how Jeff Herman thought of transitioning his career path. Until now, he works with a team of investigators and high profile attorneys and psychologists to establish the different cases of child sexual abuse and perhaps put the offenders behind bars. Here is more about him and his qualifications alongside major contributions he has made in the battle against child sexual abuse.

The Interview

Herman was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch. In the interview, the following facts were established. Born in 1959, he is a qualified trial attorney and a passionate lawyer in presenting sexual abuse victims. Perhaps one of Herman’s major cases includes the Denver and Miami cases that included the clergy. Over the years, he has learned to help parents in dealing with their fears by providing some helpful tips that must be highlighted;

Talk Openly About Sex

While kids are innocent and they know nothing about sex until they are taught, parents should consider talking to their children at a tender age. This talk should also be open and rather straight to highlighting how cruel children molesters can be. While at it, consider using the appropriate language.

Use Actual Life Examples

To children, everyone poses as a friend. However, the reality is that people can be sexually abusive even though they might pose as friends. Even teachers can be cruel to the extent of abusing students. Let the children know this.

The Outline

Mr. Herman attended the University of Case Western Reserve. In 1985, he attained his Doctorate then started practicing at the International Law Journal followed by the Arizona University.

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Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Reliable And Experienced Lawyer

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Need a business or corporate lawyer? Want expert assistance with your legal issues? If you are planning to find a lawyer or law firm in Brazil, consider Bruno Fagali – a highly competent lawyer. Bruno has an established history of rendering excellent service to businesses, organizations and individual clients.

Starting a business or an organization is stressful, and there are several important steps that need to be taken. In the beginning stages of operating your own business or managing your company, you’re laying the foundations of a venture you hope will grow and become highly profitable. You want to establish a highly successful enterprise and secure your financial future. Taking the wrong steps at this key stage could have devastating consequences for years down the road.

Lawyers have the knowledge to assess the various aspects of your business and make sure that you comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

Hiring a reliable or experienced attorney like Bruno Fagali is crucial for any company or entrepreneur who is dealing with a legal problem in Brazil. Numerous professionals, organizations and entrepreneurs who are facing a lawsuit or other legal situation, turn to Bruno for proper guidance.

A good lawyer knows what steps to take in order to protect the rights of his clients, and help resolve the matter effectively. That’s where an experienced and reputable lawyer comes in – to advise and represent his clients. In fact, you need to ensure that your potential lawyer has vast experience in the type of case you’re dealing with.

Bruno is a clear choice for any entrepreneur or organization that wants to obtain the best possible outcome in their case. Bruno works hard to ensure a swift resolution of his clients’ legal matter and he can advice or guide you. If you are serious about getting top notch legal representation, then get in touch with Bruno Fagali.

As a top attorney, Bruno has been representing and advising clients for years. Bruno is one of the leading Regulatory Law attorneys in Brazil. He also handles cases involving Urban Law, Administrative Law, Ethics and Compliance.

Whether it’s a corporate or professional matter, it is extremely important to do your research before choosing a lawyer or law firm. Some lawyers are well known for handling cases for businesses and organizations, while others have great expertise in advising and representing individuals or professionals.

Fagali I Airport-Apia

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     Fagali Airport is at Apia town in Samoa. It is the second busiest airport and two miles from Apia town. The airport has an exclusive single terminal with one runway. The taxes and buses at the terminal carry tourists from the airport to the resorts and hotels in less than 20 minutes. Apia is a small city with excellent beach homes, hotels, resorts and attraction that you can afford.

Hotels, Resorts and tourist attractions near the Airport

Le Alaimoana Hotel

The Fagali hotel is at the main East coast road, near the ocean and 0.4 kilometres from Apia Park and 5 kilometres from National Parliament and Louis Stevenson Museum. The resort has an outdoor pool, a restaurant, a bar, free Wi-Fi, and Dry-cleaning services.

Hotel Millennia Samoa

The hotel is among the top rated hotels near the Airport. The hotel is along Mulinu’u road but 0.7 kilometres from the National Parliament and 3.3 kilometres from Apia Park and Faleata golf course.

Orator Hotel

The 3-star hotel is located along Alafaalava road in Tanumapua village in Apia city. The resort is family friendly and 5 kilometres from the National Parliament. The hotel has free self-parking, laundry facilities, three outdoor pools, two restaurants, free breakfast, free shopping centres, a beach bar, coffee shops and a conference centre.

Along with the restaurant, the hotel has a bar, an outdoor pool, free buffet breakfast, complimentary self-parking, Wi-Fi for everyone, a meeting room and a children’s pool.

Le Manumea Resort

The 3.5-star hotel is within Apia city and 5 kilometres from Apia Park, Robert Louis Stevenson Museum and National Parliament. The Baha’i worship house and Upolu are 10 kilometres away from the resort. The resort has a restaurant and an outdoor pool with a bar for refreshment. Breakfast and Wi-Fi are free. The room has a refrigerator, a coffee maker, a microwave, LCD television and DVD players.

The attractions at the Fagali I Airport attract many tourists to the city. The tourists cannot have enough of the hot tropical sun and the local food that the community prepares.

Samuel Strauch

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     Samuel Strauch is the founder, principal and owner of Metrik Real Estate located in South Beach, Florida. Although Strauch is interested in making sales and promoting his business, his main focus is on creating a positive work environment for his employees. He offers his staff a sense of complete independence in the workplace. Each employee is regarded as a valuable team member. He encourages his staff members to make decisions even if they occasionally make mistakes.

Samuel Strauch completed his undergraduate degree in business at Hofstra University in New York. He also completed studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University.

When he is not running Metrik Real Estate or checking up on his investments, Samuel Strauch pursues his passion for photography and art. He recently traveled to Tibet where he photographed Buddhist monks and shrines. His work from Tibet as well as from other locations he has traveled.

Here are a few quotes from Samuel Strauch interviews.

“At Metrik Real Estate, we depend on referrals. This is the true root of our success. Our reputation is exceptional, so potential clients can trust us. They know how well we adapt to market changes and achieve positive results.” according to Interview.Net

“The focus today and where we are paying close attention is that we are seeing very rapid changes in the way that people live, work and in the way that people travel.” according to an interview in CEOCFO Magazine.

Whitney Wolfe’s Business is Successful and Match Doesn’t Like That

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     Whitney Wolfe started out working for a dating app company. She learned a lot there but she also made a lot of strides for the company. She helped them come up with new ideas that would help bring them into new opportunities. For Whitney Wolfe, the point of helping them was so she could make things easier on everyone who worked in the industry. It was her way of giving back and something she felt good about no matter how hard she had to work to get to that point. Whitney Wolfe liked giving people the options they needed and liked making sure people could see they were getting more from their own app experience.

Since Whitney Wolfe knew things would change and she’d be capable of trying everything the right way, she felt confident in the skills she had. She also learned what she could do to make a difference. Since there were times where she felt good about the business and good about the opportunities people had with the business, Whitney Wolfe knew what would happen. She knew all the time she had would go back to growing a business that she had no claim in. That’s not what she wanted.

Instead, Whitney Wolfe wanted to use her talent to make a difference. She knew there were things she could do that would help her make a difference and all those things were part of how she grew her own company. When Bumble went from a dream Whitney Wolfe had for the future to something she could actually execute, she knew there were options people would get. All the people she worked with saw the most positive opportunities. They also saw there were ways that would make them better because of how hard she worked on Bumble.

Even though Bumble kept growing and people kept seeing the options they had, Whitney Wolfe knew what would happen. She knew the business was getting better. Match didn’t like that, though. They wanted her to fail. They claimed she took their ideas and was using them as her own. They were jealous of the success so they tried to make things harder on Whitney Wolfe. Match didn’t like that she was successful and was now a competitor. For that reason, they’re trying to make things harder for her. Whitney Wolfe sees the company as a bully because they try to do things that will harm her.

Bruno Fagali: Two Radically Different Tobacco Problems In Brazil And The United States

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     As Bruno Fagali continues to take on corruption wherever he might find it, he encounters new situations what are companies continue to abuse our trust. One of these areas is in a certain product that many of us are all well aware of: cigarettes.

Indeed, the marketing of cigarettes is a problem all over the world and especially in the United States and Brazil. In the United States, it has always been the broad abuses regarding the advertising of cigarettes, but in Brazil the biggest problem with cigarettes is the fact they have some horrible additives mixed in.

Bruno Fagali realizes that either way this is not a good situation, and so he has devoted a recent entry on his blog to the topic, entitled “The Cigarette In The Dock: In Brazil, The Additives; In The United States, Advertisings.” In this post, he first of all addressed the problem as he saw it in Brazil, by noting how they have just recently become aware of the additive problem.

He said the STF recently passed laws to prevent the manufacturer, storage, or importation of anything that would cause “an imminent health risk”, and this would include cigarettes with additives added. Of course, attorneys such as Bruno Fagali realize this will probably lead to some smuggling issues within the country.

The other issue Bruno Fagali notes would be the United States, which has focused on a number of different anti-smoking campaigns since 2011. Bruno Fagali notes that many of these ads focus on the immense health risks that come with smoking. The dominant theme and all of these ads was the stark fact that smoking kills 1200 Americans per day. Bruno Fagali was also adamant to note that this is more then murder, suicide, and even car accidents. He also noted the adverse effects of newborn babies who have mothers who smoke.

Keeping companies honest: it is the life passion of Bruno Fagali and it will continue to be as long as he has a breath in him.

AIA is On Guard

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     One of the main slogans of the green movement is that we only have one home, so we better take good care of it. This is a very good slogan and true all the way around. This is the only home we humans have and if we do not take care of it than we are condemning ourselves to damnation.

This mindset that we need to take care of the environment has begun sweeping throughout the various industries that make up this world. The railway industry has bought in, the aerospace manufacturer industry has bought in, in fact, even companies such as Apple and Microsoft have bought in. However, while these industries are essential in turning around global warming, there is still one industry that has a greater direct impact on the environment. That industry is architecture.

The American Institute of Architects based here inside the United States of America has been passionate for quite some time in finding ways for professional architects to have less impact on the environment. They understand that creating a building destroys much of nature. It is hard to reconcile their passion for architecture with their passion for protecting our mother nature. Is there a way to bring these two things in the harmony?

Robert Ivy believes that such a way does exist. Robert Ivy is a cum laude graduate from Tulane University where he received a degree in architecture. He served as the Vice President at the American Institute of Architects for many years. However, when the American Institute of Architects decided to change focus and make it their mission to find harmony between architecture and the environment they promoted Robert Ivy to be the president.

Robert Ivy initiated a program known as the decade of design. Over the next 10 years the American Institute of Architects will focus on training young and old architects in new ways to create buildings so that they leave the beauty of nature intact and a in the environmental sustainability.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are strong advocates for nature reform and they invited Robert Ivy to a dinner where he would be allowed to present on the decade of design. He explained to those present at that meal, over 1000 in all, that in just 10 years the American Institute of Architects could fully train the next generation to be more conscious about how buildings impact the world.

Tony Petrello And His Wife Welcome Tommy Tune To Houston

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     Tony Petrello is a chief executive officer and philanthropist who lives in Houston, Texas. He is the top executive at Nabors Industries which operates in the oil and gas sector. He has been very generous with his money over the years by supporting various causes. He also established the Nabors Charitable Foundation which is used by Nabor Industries employees and their children to pay for their education.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Tony Petrello established the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. His employees raised almost $175,000 for this fund and he matched them dollar for dollar. He also let employees use paid time off so that the could spread out across the Gulf Coast and help out recovery efforts. Additionally, he let local families come onto the Nabors Industries property where they have an in-house kitchen. The kitchen can make mass quantities of food as his company employs 1,200 people. The local families were served three hot meals a day up through the time that they were able to move back into their homes.

Around 12 years ago, Tony and Cynthia had a baby born at just 24 weeks who they named Carena. Because of this early birth she developed cerebral palsy. While researching this they discovered that very little research had been done into this condition. Wanting to help their daughter develop, and others like her, they donated $5 million to Texas Children’s hospital with a pledge to donate another $2 million. The money was used to establish this hospital’s Neurological Research Institute. This institute is dedicated to helping children with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy. He and his wife often speak at events about cerebral palsy. Their ultimate goal is to do their best to see that no other parents have to go through what they have had to do.

Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, recently hosted the return to Houston for Broadway legend Tommy Tune. He was there to perform at Tommy Tune Tonight which had more than 5,000 fans of his in attendance. Before this event, Tony Petrello and his wife put together a welcoming party for Tommy Tune at their Shadyside estate. This event was attended by 50 of their friends and associates as well as the Miller Outdoor. During this welcoming party the Petrello’s featured many local dishes and Tommy Tune said he was happy to be back in his home city.