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Julia Jackson: Empowering Women by Design

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Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a fairly common name that is shared by thousands of people worldwide. Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines is very unique, and she is the topic of discussion. This woman was born into a family that produces great tasting wines. She was born in 1988, which is six years after her parents had founded Jackson Family Wines. As of child, Julia had to help her father pick and sort through grapes. Some time the temperatures were unbearable, but this would go on to instill a sense of hard work later on in life.Julia and her older siblings took part in picking and sorting through grapes. As of today, this extraordinary group of relatives play an important role in the company’s success.Julia just so happen to be one of its representatives, and she works with the international sales team.

This team travels the globe on a consistent basis, and the team promotes the products to untapped markets. Thanks to Julia’s background in studio art, she is able to design the art on wine bottles as well as maintain the company’s website. Julia earned her B.A. in Studio Art from Scripps College, and she earned a certificate at Stanford University’s General Management Julia JacksonProgram. Julia has followed behind her mother very closely, especially on the business side of things as she operates her own nonprofit organization. Seeds of Empowerment is the name and celebrating ambitious women is the game.Jackson Family Wines have an abundance of wineries all around the world. The family owns a 583-acre site in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and it produces high quality Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir wines that are produced from these grapes have the perfect balance of acidity and fruity flavors. Julia Jackson is leading by example as well as setting new trends.

Susan McGalla Moved from the Bottom to the Top

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Susan Mcgalla is aspiring a lot of women. She is definitely one of the best people to look to when it comes to marketing success. There is a large amount of respect that is due to Susan and her skills in marketing clothing.

Susan McGalla reigned as the CEO of two different companies. She made sure that American Eagle was one of the best companies for clothing for a very long time. She catered to the needs of consumers, and she made sure that brand awareness of American Eagle was put in place.

Susan has made a plan to help the Pittsburgh Steelers gain the same type of brand awareness with the sports clothing for this team. What she has managed to do is quite impressive, and I believe this is just a portion of what she has been able to accomplish. I’m certain that she will be able to revamp this organization. Susan McGalla definitely knows clothing, and people are going to be amazed by what she does with the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line.

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It is incredible to see all of the work that Susan has endeavored into in the last couple of years. She has made some great transitions and I believe that her work gives many others the opportunity to explore their own destiny. Susan has certainly helped me discover my passion about marketing. She has also helped me realize that you cannot get to the top without realizing what is happening at the lower levels within the organization. Learn updates from Susan, visit her on .

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Being Comfortable Wearing Makeup

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Doe Deere has come a long way since arriving in the United States at a young age. She was born in Russia before moving to New York around the age of 17. Now, she is the CEO and founder of the fun cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Doe wants women to know that makeup can do more than simply hide the imperfections on the face. She wants women to know that makeup is a way that they can be unique and share their freedom of choice when it comes to the colors that are used on the face and fingers.

When it comes to how Doe feels about beauty, it’s not what is natural. She believes that beauty is about what feels right to the woman wearing the makeup. One person might feel comfortable wearing blue eye shadow while another might want to wear lime green lipstick. It’s about the woman feeling as though she can walk outside and be satisfied with how she looks. Lime Crime was started based on Doe’s favorite color, lime, along with the desire that she had to create products that weren’t like the other makeup items on the market. She thinks that the colors created should be considered illegal to wear because they are so bold, which is how the entire name of the company has been developed.

Doe started selling makeup on eBay and called her small business “limecrime.” This carried over to the larger company that she now owns today. Her days begin with meetings and making sure that everyone knows what is going on in the company. She is involved in all of the decisions that are made with the company and wants the workers to be on the same page so that work can get done.

One of the things that Doe is known for is patience. She lets ideas come to her when it comes to colors and types of makeup. She doesn’t rush an idea. Instead, she enjoys sitting in a quiet atmosphere, concentrating on the aspects of the company so that ideas can come naturally. One of the trends that Doe likes is that more businesses are moving toward being online instead of being a brick and mortar store. This allows companies to reach more people, selling more products and being able to listen to the issues that some customers have instead of customers only being able to enter a building when they have concerns or want to make a purchase.

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Helane Morrison: A Person That Stands Up For Justice

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Helane L. Morrison is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a Juris Doctorate from the UC Berkeley law school. After spending 10 years practicing law with the Califonia based law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, the Brooklyn, New York native was hired as the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco District Office. After three years of excellent service she was promoted to district administrator. Morrison was the first woman to hold that post and one of the few women in leadership positions within the SEC.


As district administrator Morrison was in charge of the SEC’s examination and enforcement programs. Her jurisdiction covered the a region that included Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Northern Nevada, Northern California and Washington. During her time there she led the investigation into NextCard, a McKesson HBOC subsidiary and numerous other high profile investigations of fraud, insider trading and violations committed by investment brokers and advisors. During her 11 years with the SEC Morrison earned the reputation of someone bent on ensuring just prevailed for all citizens.


In 2007 Morrison left the SEC and became Chief Compliance Officer and general council for Hall Capital Partners, a San Francisco based private investment company. Her training and experience made her perfect for the position and she became an integral part of the company. Within a few years of her hiring, Helane Morrison was promoted to managing director and was made an executive committee member.


Morrison’s success was not a surprise. She had long displayed a deep understanding of and respect for the law. While in law school she was the California Law Review’s editor in chief. She also spent two years working as a law clerk first with U.S. Appellate court judge Richard A. Posner and then U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. She was also made a partner at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin after just 5 years in private practice. It is all a reflection of Helane Morrison’s discipline and hard work. She has shown herself to be a well-trained, highly-skilled professional.


When Helane Morrison left Brooklyn headed to Northwestern University, her goal was a degree in journalism. But she has done a great deal more. She’s defended the rights of countless clients, stood up to powerful companies on behalf of the common man, many of the senior citizens and played a major role at Hall Capital Partners.


How Malini Saba formed her Business Ventures and the Contribution that she has made to the Society.

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Different individuals who left their homeland for the United States to seek for a better life have various success stories that they can tell. A good example is Malini Saba who was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and she later relocated to Australia. Her parents were middle-income earners, but she has strived to become one of the most successful businesspersons in the world. After living in Australia for a short time, Saba and her husband moved to the U.S.A. Her husband was a student at the Stanford University, and therefore, they rented a house that was located close to the institution. When Malini traveled to the U.S, she only had $200. She was passionate about going to school, but she could not attend Stanford University where he husband was studying. She joined another institution where she gained sufficient knowledge in finance and investments.


Saba completed her college education and started making contacts with highly experienced professionals in the investment sector. She acquired a lot of skills, which she added to what was learned in school. Saba also attended parties to meet investment bankers who also offered her knowledge about the field. She used the information that she acquired in her quest for knowledge to start investments and at that time the only capital that was available was the savings that she had made in the U.S.


Saba used a different technique when she started her businesses. However, the enterprises that she ventured into in the past have currently become successful. The knowledge that she has on finances enabled her to start an investment firm. The company is known as Saban, and it has actively been capitalizing in various enterprises across the world. The businesses that it has been involved in include India and Australia-based real estate companies, technology-related firms in the United States, as well as gas and oil in China. She is the chairperson of the company and apart from its investment, she owns personal shares in PayPal, Sycamore Networks, and the Netscreen Technologies.


Malini is a philanthropist who has been involved in various community development undertakings. She started the Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2001 with a primary aim of helping poor women to have better living standards. Other significant activities that she has been part of are assisting India and Sri Lanka Tsunami victims by pledging $10 million and offering $1 million that helped to build a hospital.


The Work and Profile of Helane Morrison: Compliance Officer

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The SEC has said it doesn’t feel that anything has changed in terms of how they view compliance officers at money firms, but certain groups don’t agree. They feel at risk and are preparing for further enforcement going forward for 2016. 

To elaborate, in 2015 the SEC charged BLK (BlackRock Advisers LLC) compliance officers with not disclosing an outside business interest of the firm’s portfolio manager to the investors and board of directors. There were also no policies in place to address the activities of the employees responsible for these activities. BlackRock ended up settling and paid a penalty totaling $12 million. The CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) had to pay $60,000.

In June of 2015, the SEC received over $35,000 from SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises Inc. The charge was that the compliance officer did not implement policies that were designed to prevent the mishandling of assets under ownership of the client. The charges also stated that there were no annual reviews conducted.

The issue is that the SEC is holding compliance officers responsible for issues that may not have been necessarily foreseeable. The SEC disagrees with this position, however. This hindsight liability poses risks to CCO’s who want to do their best to keep the best interests of the law and of their firms in mind.

Certain people, like Todd Cipperman, think that major investors could end up suing their CCO in the wake of the current SEC actions. When these officials of the SEC claim that a Chief Compliance Officer’s job is to protect the investors, then it means that the CCO needs to uphold that responsibility. They must also balance the law. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in 2016 if the SEC completes its work on a new program.

Helane L. Morrison is General Counsel and Managing Director, as well as Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital. Morrison put forth strong efforts to promote fairness and compliance previously as well in her role in the SEC from 1999 to 2007. She represented the legal interests of the SEC in San Francisco.

Practicing law previously allowed her to build her strong experience in commerce. She investigated corporations, using her public and private industry experience. In addition, she is a member of The Regional Parks Foundation board.