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George Soros Answers Questions of a Collapse of the European Union

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It is a political truism that the wealthy among us support the GOP, the Republican Party. In the last hundred years republicans have favored a strong military at the expense of programs for the low and middle class, and they have made the upper class their constituents. Each of the two political parties knows where their support comes from and tries to produce domestic policy to favor their constituency. Large investors like the Koch brothers support the GOP but one politically active powerful investor and philanthropist supports the efforts of the Democrats. He is George Soros. He has recently donated $6,000,000. to a super pac supporting the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

There is a great “gotcha” comment by George Soros about the Republican Party frontrunner, Donald Trump. In an interview re-published by the New York Review of Books from an interview by Gregor Peter Schmidt of the German magazine WirtschaftWoche, Schmidt and Soros were discussing American politics and Schmidt asked Soros if he knew Trump. Soros responded: “Going back many years Donald Trump wanted me to be the lead tenant in one of his early buildings. Trump said, ‘I want you to come into the building. You name your price.’ Soros said, “I’m afraid I can’t afford it.”
Elsewhere in the interview Soros explained how opportunities were available and wasted by heads of state around the world. Soros has a strong commitment to transparency and freedom within both governments and societies. He has survived the conflicts during the Second World War as his home country, Hungary, first came under the control of the German Nazi Party and then the Russian Communist Party. He emigrated to the freedom of a democratic monarchy in England until finally moving to the representative democracy of the United States of America.
When your homeland is occupied by a foreign government you are forced to study political history first hand and quickly. Soros has learned politics from actual experience and his insights into politics, as well as investing, are well worth considering.
In the interview Soros goes on to say that the European Union is on the verge of collapse . China is becoming a world economic power and the value of the petrodollar decreases sending shockwaves through the world. The escalating burden of migrants coming from the conflict in Syria is seriously impacting economic conditions in Europe while Greece continues on its course toward insolvency. World leaders have trouble knowing how to react. In the states the migration problem caused by incursions from Central America, combined with the recent upheavals caused by terrorists obtaining passports to the states to perpetrate their manifest destinies, have taken precedent in the migration world view.
As we enter this election year, now more that ever, we must be aware of choosing a candidate who can keep us out of war and maintain a positive economy which benefits all the people who call America home.
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