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Gareth Henry’s Successful Journey of a Businessman

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Mr . Gareth Henry was born in the United Kingdom, London but is currently based in New York. He is a successful businessman as well as an investor. He is now the Managing Director. Gareth attended the Heriot-Watt University in London where he natured his passion for mathematics and assessing financial risks. In 2001, he attained his bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Gareth got a job at Watson Wyatt as a business analyst immediately after he graduated. He worked here until 2004 before joining SEI Investments serving consultants and managing the insurance and pension funds.

Later in 2007, about Gareth Henry followed his spirit and joined the notable Fortress Investment Group in the U.S where he became the Managing Director. He raised a significant amount of capital for the company by interacting with companies from different countries including Europe and Middle East. Recently on 1st Feb, 2019, he became the managing director of an investing company whose role is to oversee the firm’s day-to-day operations and investment plans. Following his passion, Gareth Henry acquired a deep understanding of economics and managing financial risks.

On a typical day, Gareth receives at least 10 client calls and attends more than 2 client meetings in a day. To serve his former clients, he makes sure that he has a deep understanding of the client’s needs and those of the organization he is making efforts to allow it grow. His day starts at around 7am where he starts making calls and then handles daily business operations. Gareth believes that if one is truly passionate about their career or job, they won’t hesitate devoting a lot of time to it to make it grow. For one to be successful, Mr. Gareth advises that one needs take action and not just sit around waiting for a miracle to happen. They need to interact with their clients to understand their needs and get to know them well. This way, they will attract many opportunities for themselves. Gareth Henry advices entrepreneurs to always seek advice from their team, friends or colleagues. This will help them better understand the field they are in. Gareth has his own mentors whom he gets advice from to grow his business.

Noble Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Efforts by Global Icon Jim Dondero for the Growth and Development of Dallas Communit

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Highland Capital Management, LP is an Asset Management Company, ideally with the Alternative Investment, which was established in 1993 to assist in the management of hedge funds, structured investments, equity funds, and also mutual funds. Following the efforts and dedication of its Co-Founder and President Jim Dondero, the multibillion-dollar investment has experienced tremendous growth, earning it the title as the pioneer in the development of CLO- Collateralized Loan Obligation market, and also credit-oriented solutions for corporates and retail investors, globally. Prior to the establishment of Highland Company, Mr. Jim Dondero served American Express as its bond analyst, before joining as a Portfolio Manager. Additionally, he took part in the establishment of a GIC division of Protective Life, later serving it as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

In a period of about four years, the company experienced very huge growth, to a net revenue amounting to over $2 billion. Throughout his entrepreneurial life, businessman Jim Dondero is always cramped with work and activities, all aimed at assisting the various ventures situated in Dallas – the headquarters of Highland Capital Management company after relocation from Los Angeles; as well from other regions. With the firm’s team of professionals, the company conduct a review on their existing partners, evaluate prospective opportunities across insurer capital investments, as well as monitor the existing trends within those respective fields. Although his financial organization is an entrepreneurial investment, entrepreneur Jim Dondero has intensively supported charities in numerous organizations, though mostly those located in Dallas.

Following his philanthropic devotion, he is always on the front line to offer his support whenever the community needs it. As an enthusiastic philanthropist, he’s a firm believer that his venture is dedicated to recognizing opportunities where nonprofits can come together so as to have a long-term impact. In order to provide his charitable support aptly, and carry out his ambition strategically, philanthropist Jim Dondero partnered with Ms. Linda Owen – former Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation CEO. Since its initiation, their collaboration has turned to be very successful, with one of their achievements being the support of $1 million grant, that was offered to The Family Place, in Dallas. Other charitable efforts and support provided by Mr. Dondero include: SMU Tower Scholars Program; Education is Freedom; and providing the Habitat for Hippo at the Dallas Zoo.