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David McDonald Contributions to the Growth of Chinese Food Market Through OSI Group

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OSI Group is turning 27 years in the Chinese food market. The company believes that the Asian market is the future of the food market. David McDonald has been part of this revolution. He hopes that 2019 will be a perfect year for more growth in the Chinese market. There are some lessons new companies can learn from OSI Group and their operations in China.

First, David McDonald points out that the company identified a gap in the Chinese food market. The company’s operation — in one of the largest food markets in the world — is pegged on quality products. This policy has enabled OSI Group to be one of the most relatable companies in Asia. The company’s policy on quality products has also enabled OSI to work with some of the biggest food outlets in China. According to 2012 statistics, the company supplies more than 60% of all the foods in major food outlets. David McDonald attributes this success to the company’s approach to quality.

Second, the company is reliable. In 2008, the Olympic Games in China created a huge demand for quality foods. Fortunately, OSI ensured that all the demand was met and more importantly — the products were in good quality. According to the president of this company, the reliability aspect of the Olympic Games also gave the company a chance to create new business partners. Although the company was working with major international food companies, its reliability gave the company a chance to work with some Chinese companies. Currently, OSI is one of the major suppliers in the vast Chinese food market.

Finally, the company understands the importance of having the best workforce. The president of the company — one of the believers of diversified workforces — has enabled the company to realign its employment policy with modern trends. According to him, OSI remains a haven for employees — regardless of their social background or any other factor. This policy has also given the company a chance to unlock the potential in the company’s distribution channels. In addition, a comprehensive employment policy has enabled the company to improve its efficiency around its operation. The policy makes the company home to modern operations.

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